Friday, March 7, 2014


Hello, this is Archangel Raphael! The time has arrived that we have all been anticipating. The energy on this beautiful globe is is kicking into high gear. This energy is making way for the changes that have been building. Many of you feel it and have for a while. Some are noticing that things are not as they were. All will feel the energy of love as it is unleashed upon all humanity now. Do not be alarmed. This is a joyous finale. Balance will keep you anchored when you feel it.

When we say balance we mean that there is nothing to fear. When we say balance we mean that all of you have what it takes to call forth what you desire without any second thoughts. Balance allows you to step into the unknown with a smile on your beautiful face as the winds of change blow through your being. It is balance that will help you now to return love and compassion to those around you that will be needing you. Balance will keep you from choosing to be offended. Balance will help all of us now change the course of history.

Through a balance of emotions we will be better able to speak to your hearts. Find your balance and you will find who you are. Some days are hot and some days are very cold. Balance how you feel about this. It is very crucial at this time that we all find our balance.

Many of you have waited until the last minute to go within. Many are still looking to the words of others for guidance. Many read channeled message after channeled message in hopes of reading that one great moment that will signal their own salvation. Channeled messages like this one are there to assist. They are there to inform and help you help yourself. Do not put all of your cards in one deck. It is time for you to find your balance and channel your own messages. We are speaking to all of you all of the time. Look within and feel your balance. You are all worthy. You are all here for a special purpose.

There has been much talk lately about channeled messages and channelers. It is easy to know whether or not a channeled message is a loving one from one of us or disinformation from others who have a different agenda. When you are balanced you will know by how the message makes you feel. Does the message give you joy? Does it bring you happiness when reading the words? Do you feel the excitement of unconditional love? It seems to me that would probably be a good message, right? Other messages will speak words that make you nervous or fearful. All of you have the tools to tell the difference.
It is not necessary for a church to tell you how to speak with God. Ask God yourself and feel her answer. Would you go to paint store and ask the person to tell you what your favorite color is? Why would any of you read channeled messages at the expense of channeling them yourselves? Balance helps you in doing this. Do you think that a person who channels a message is somehow closer to Creator than you are. All of you are angels. All of you matter. All belong to the same being, the beautiful creation of love.

Enjoy the beauty in those channeled messages when they suit you. When we channel a message it is love that brings the message to you. It is love that guides you through the words. When you are not sure about a message then it is probably not from us. Kindly discard it and move on. After a while may I suggest to turn the computer off and feel in your hearts your own messages. All answers will be found there inside of you. This is not difficult. When you begin communicating with us you will realize that channeled messages were given to you to aid and assist you on your journey. In the end it is all up to you.

Trust yourselves now. There are none of you that are any less than anyone else. Close the door on the dramas of insecurities. Find your balance. It will be one of your greatest tools now. It will keep you grounded to Gaia as the truth begins to materialize. This is all for now. I love you and look forward to speaking with you when you ask me to. You are never alone. We are with you always and all-ways. Your Loving Archangel Raphael.


  1. I feel at peace reading this, thank you.

  2. A nice message to be sure. Thank you for responding to my concerns. I'm wondering if I can push my luck a bit and ask for more clarification. 1) In your first contact with Archangel Raphael the idea of space ships taking off from Mars (heading this way) was mentioned. It was an interesting piece of writing from an artistic point of view, but the significance remains mysterious. Any more on that? 2) Any thoughts on the issue of whether the shift is to 4D or 5D? 3) Tolec has emphasized the difference in the experience of "time" on different dimensions. Would you say that the description of an eminent shift could mean anytime between now and perhaps the next 4 years? I suppose a simpler way to ask the same thing would be this. When you speak to your children about this do you still plan for for the usual future events or is there the anticipation that financial planning for college etc will be eclipsed by impending events?

    Thank you,