Wednesday, February 26, 2014

An Invitation

I come today with an invitation for you. I invite you to feel these words as they come to you. Let your heart guide you through the lessons that may present themselves to you. I come with great urgency to those of you who are still riding the fence. Go within now and choose how you will embrace the coming days. Who are you? Why are you here? Where do you want to go? Why do you want to go there? There is a sense of urgency to these questions that I ask. Do these questions make you feel uncomfortable? Or do they excite you? One way or the other these things must be faced by you.

I invite you to come with us. I would love to see you at play in a way that makes your wildest dreams come true. Can you feel the change or are you still holding on to what once was? What would it take for you to let go? It is too scary, you say. Why do you say this? Are you afraid of letting go of what you know. Think about what you know now. Is it different than what you think that you know? We are here to assist you in making your last choices. They must be made.

We are on our way to something powerful and grand. Do you have any idea who all “We” is? How big is God? How big are creators creations? The scope of this shift is unfathomable. It reaches to the far ends of creation itself. All of you are playing a roll in the change. Are you ready?

There was a time when all of you were waiting to get the chance to show yourselves where and what and why you wanted to be right where you are right now. Feel this. Remember it. Trust yourself in these last moments of this reality. Remember that it was you that made these choices. None of you are a victim of someone else's whims. Creator has no creations that are unworthy of Creator. That part of Creator that is you has chosen to experience Creator in the most beautiful way. When you make your choices do you choose for all? Or do you choose that you may find a way around that which is. None of us are forgotten. None of us will remain untouched by the decisions of the collective. We are all of us ONE.

What is it that keeps you from reaching your highest vision what you have of yourself? Many of you have made your choices. Some of you are waiting for us to show you something that gives you proof that now is the time to choose. Look around you. What do you see? Do you see stagnation? Do you see that things are still the same as they were a year ago? What about three years ago? Change is happening all around you and yet you wait on proof of that one little thing that will end your doubt. Doubt not that which is. You are right in the middle of change. You are crossing the finish line and yet you wait. “What can I do that I am not already doing?” some may ask. This is a good question and I answer this question with love. Sit up. Relax. Take a deep breath. Smile and let it out. Do this again. Do you feel it? Can you feel the tingling? Can you feel your heart beating? You are changing right now.

I have been invited by all of you at this time to invite yourselves back to you. You feel me now don't you. This is not me this is you. You are coming alive within this glorious change. Say good-bye to doubt. Thank it and then set it free. Mother Gaia is ascending and yet her third dimensional twin is not. Imagine that you are on a sheet of ice blanketing a pool of water. As the ice breaks apart from one another you must jump to the floating piece of your choice but you must choose quickly for the parts are floating away.

What is happening today is of great significance to all of us. The curtain is hanging on by a thread. Any second now the curtain will fall and when it does it would be a chore for any of us to begin the journey of finding ourselves. Impatience has a way of pushing away that which we desire the most. Celebrate! These energies will open any doors that remain closed for you. Now more than ever before do you have the tools of telepathy. Hear us. We are inviting you to join us into a new reality full of joy and true happiness. It is you that you hear. When you feel an answer or a presence that makes you warm and filled with love, doubt it not! It is you that is waiting beyond the curtain. You are returning home to your family. My, won't you be surprised to find your family there smiling at you and inviting you home with open arms! Rejoice now and end all doubt. You are free! If you still feel a weight then pretend to be secure and happy. You will find that this is who you truly are and it will come easy. Soon acting will not be acting anymore.

I thank you all for giving me the chance to give you this wonderful invitation. It is my honor to do so. I have always loved you and this will never change. It is impossible! The dark is leaving the building. Let us remember to love them as we hand them their coats and umbrellas. It has been a difficult but adventure full journey so far. Let us show love and gratitude as we step to the grandest piece of ice and all float merrily away into the golden age of Gaia! I look forward to speaking with you again, Your loving Archangel Raphael.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Change is in the Air

Hello! It is I, Raphael. I come to you today at a very important time indeed. The energy that now permeates around us at this most beautiful time has much to say to each and every one of you. It brings with it new and exciting change. Much has changed since we have last spoken. This channel is more open for me than he was at first. Change can be very overwhelming and this channel is an example of this. We are more attuned to each others energies now. We will begin with other pressing issues.

The new age is upon you. Embrace this knowing and move forward into what you have chosen. Do not be idle. Value your thoughts and feelings. Realize that they are paving your way into a new world full of possibilities. What waits just around the corner will surprise you leaving many of you in fear. Light workers will be needed to appease the fear that many will have. All of you have been called to into action. What is needed now from all of you are acts of kindness, love, patience, and togetherness. The dark is more or less gone but they have left many scars in their wake. Healing must take place; the healing of a world and all who are connected.

Many of you have never considered yourself a part of Gaia. But all of you are. She needs you now. The channel is thinking of something that he wants me to tell you now. I guess he has forgotten that we are using his fingers. Where all of you are right now is a place that you will never see again. I ask you to feel this for a moment. The final moments of an intricate illusion are up on you. How will you choose to experience it? Enjoy these last moments of where you are for you will never visit them again. Unless, of course you wish to. Then I'm sure that something can be arranged. What binds many of you to your current reality is the choices that you make when choosing to be who you choose to be.

What we would like to discuss with you about the currency exchange and RV is this. What kind of world do you really want? Stay with me! Would you like a world where money is not necessary? Where everyone has a chance to be all that they choose to be? Or is suddenly having a bank account full of money your best idea? Let us discuss this a moment. The first world speaks for itself. It is a galactic society filled with love and light! There are no limitations. The money world will be free of the Cabal and all self illuminated elites. That will be great indeed! But it will still have the one thing that was so powerful that it became their own undoing. Money.

Yes, relief is on the way, Make no mistake. We are well aware of the hardships that most of you face. Have you not noticed that even during those lowest moments of your lives you realize that you are still going? At those moments is it money that you pray to?

The Global Currency reset is upon you. Abundance for all. There is nothing left to be down about. At some level, all of you know this. Let us feel this together! Now is the time to rejoice! Call these things forth now! They are yours! Enjoy your last moments and rejoice! Call forth what is yours and rejoice! This energy moves mountains! This energy moves things quickly forward! Choose now! Make your choice and then be your choice!

My channel has brought up the subject of families. Families are diverse and no less complicated at this time for many of you. And complications are not absent in the relationships of light workers and their families. All families are important and there for a reason. However, many of you are still unclear as to the deeper meanings behind the reasons. And, of course, most of you are unaware of how big your families really are. All family members will be accounted for. All family members already know at some level why they are here. This moment touches all of us in some way and at some level. No one will be forgotten. However, it is important to accept that everyone makes their own choices based on their own life path. It would be folly for a light worker to pity a family member for having made a different choice. No one knows the extent of the choices of another. There are no choices more important than another. As we said earlier, be your choice and those around you will have the best possible chance in making a suiting choice.

Let us close this message now with these thoughts. Are you where you choose to be with yourself? If you are then let's get started. You have the whole universe on your side. Much will be shown to you in the coming days. Anchor the light all around you. Shine for all of those that will be looking for their way. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Can you smell it? Change is in the air.

With love, Your Raphael.

Friday, February 7, 2014

My First Meeting with Raphael

It is I, Archangel Raphael. I come to you today with and urgent message. I have moved. You will be receiving my messages through this channel. He is growing as you are. He is finding where he is needed. All of us are needed right now. He has volunteered. He is unsure if I am speaking through him or not. We will feel this together.

All of you are ready to find out now what you can do to help your own phase of this journey. All of you feel that you are ready for some sort of change. Are you feeling me yet, channel? Please continue. The change is here. Recognize it and give it power. Call forth your change now and let it come . Feel me? I am. We will work on this. Is this validation enough? Do you feel my happiness for You ? Feel Me . I feel you. Take a moment and connect. Connect to what? Me. Let your fingers flow. Let us continue.

When will we let flow that which is? When will we ,together, make this planet whole? Ask your selves this question? Ask these questions now. Are you with me channel? Yes. I am feeling happiness and love.

This channel is having more difficulty than he realizes but we are with him. Channel? Believe in your self. Know what we know. This is enough for now.

Do not despair just find your key. What Key? Look within do not get bogged in such unimportant details. You are making this happen, not me. You have invited me, have you not? Yes of course. Why? I want to help. Help who? All of us Humans, Sasquatches, everyone, and... myself. Okay. Then let us continue. Are you ready? Yes I am ready. Is this my validation? You tell me. Is it? I will let you know, Raphael after we stop writing . Is that okay? Sure.

On the south side of mars there is an out post with many different size ships. Each ship has about ten people that have been concentrating on getting back to ...Where are you going with this? Does it matter? No it does not. Who is speaking now? Does that matter either? No. Shall we continue about the ships? Yes. They are complete duplicates of your own out posts on earth that have the same technology that will help many of you to find what you are looking for. The outposts are made with our help. The outposts are spread out over the entire planet. For many of you these ships will help you leave early.

This is John now. I had read a channeled message from AA Michael through Marc Gamma. In the middle of the message I read these words and I knew, at that moment, that it was meant for me.

“Archangel Raphael will no longer be speaking through this channel as we have already told you. Raphael will seek a new channel which is already in preparation for his task and will be ready very soon.”

I contacted Ron Head and he said that he felt the words and that he has my back now. Thank you, Ron.

I then sent Marc Gamma a message and this is what Marc told me:

“Dear John, This is wonderful and it is Raphael and it is a pleasure to hand you over Raphael and to be his channel. He was the first to come and with him many more. My life is not the same like it was before. My life is changed and my life feels just much better. It is difficult to explain everything because you have to understand, that everybody will make a different experience going through this.

The most important thing I have learned being a channel is TRUST IN YOURSELF. Everything starts with the trust in yourself and from there you can reach the stars my dear light worker. There is always a reason we connect and now you know why. Everything is planned and you will see how amazing does things come together. Still I am amazed by the things that happen around me and it also will be for you the same. Wishing you a wonderful journey and it will be great fun. I will be here for assistance if you face obstacles but you have to understand that every obstacle is created by yourself. Think about this very sentence, when you have the first obstacle.

With this reminder from me, you will be aware about this. Let’s do it John, it’s fun and takes not much time to do. Much love and light to you brother, Marc.

Dear John Allen, John, this is Archangel Raphael speaking. You made the right step to contact Marc. He was my channel and in his latest message received from Michael it was announced that I will come through another channel. Well John, this is you, which is taking over the part of Marc. It’s up to you to decide if you want to be my channel. It was your wish before you incarnated on earth and now your wish can come true, if it is still the wish you hold for yourself. Have more confidence in yourself. Believe that you are able to do this job. It does take little steps and then it will get easier. Marc himself is a very good example and he went through this too. He will be here for you if you need some assistance. He will help you if you need more confirmation. It has to do with trust. First of all you have to trust yourself, then you have to trust the process and then it will just flow in. In due course you will become a good and experienced channel and this will be fun. You will enjoy it, like Marc did, but you will also go through some phases of alterations and changes also Marc had to go through. So take it easy and just let it flow in. It will be a great adventure for us all. Your Archangel Raphael”

I do this now whole heartedly. I posted this first message in my favorite facebook group, Galactic Federation of Light workers as I have found many true friendship there, and the feedback was wonderful. This ended the last few traces of insecurity for me. That evening as I posted it. The thread began to grow with excitement and support. After a while we all began to feel physical changes within us. The group of us began to bond spirituality to where our heads were aching, ringing, and the love-excitement was all around us. I needed no more validation.

Like always with every channeled message, either it resonates with you or it does not. And that is how it should be. All answers are found within in the end. Channeled messages just open doors and give us ideas on what questions to feel for ourselves when we are alone. At this time I encourage everyone to look within as the shift has already happened. Everyone has the tools to open the door. We only need to find our own individual key.

Special thanks to:
Ron Head, Marc Gamma, Thomas Hughes, Mita-wina-see, Tracey Owen, Tajee, Toe-grah-nu, and the rest of my Sasquatch family, and AA Raphael.

He is my first blog that shows the road that led me here:

I love you all, John Allen