Saturday, February 15, 2014

Change is in the Air

Hello! It is I, Raphael. I come to you today at a very important time indeed. The energy that now permeates around us at this most beautiful time has much to say to each and every one of you. It brings with it new and exciting change. Much has changed since we have last spoken. This channel is more open for me than he was at first. Change can be very overwhelming and this channel is an example of this. We are more attuned to each others energies now. We will begin with other pressing issues.

The new age is upon you. Embrace this knowing and move forward into what you have chosen. Do not be idle. Value your thoughts and feelings. Realize that they are paving your way into a new world full of possibilities. What waits just around the corner will surprise you leaving many of you in fear. Light workers will be needed to appease the fear that many will have. All of you have been called to into action. What is needed now from all of you are acts of kindness, love, patience, and togetherness. The dark is more or less gone but they have left many scars in their wake. Healing must take place; the healing of a world and all who are connected.

Many of you have never considered yourself a part of Gaia. But all of you are. She needs you now. The channel is thinking of something that he wants me to tell you now. I guess he has forgotten that we are using his fingers. Where all of you are right now is a place that you will never see again. I ask you to feel this for a moment. The final moments of an intricate illusion are up on you. How will you choose to experience it? Enjoy these last moments of where you are for you will never visit them again. Unless, of course you wish to. Then I'm sure that something can be arranged. What binds many of you to your current reality is the choices that you make when choosing to be who you choose to be.

What we would like to discuss with you about the currency exchange and RV is this. What kind of world do you really want? Stay with me! Would you like a world where money is not necessary? Where everyone has a chance to be all that they choose to be? Or is suddenly having a bank account full of money your best idea? Let us discuss this a moment. The first world speaks for itself. It is a galactic society filled with love and light! There are no limitations. The money world will be free of the Cabal and all self illuminated elites. That will be great indeed! But it will still have the one thing that was so powerful that it became their own undoing. Money.

Yes, relief is on the way, Make no mistake. We are well aware of the hardships that most of you face. Have you not noticed that even during those lowest moments of your lives you realize that you are still going? At those moments is it money that you pray to?

The Global Currency reset is upon you. Abundance for all. There is nothing left to be down about. At some level, all of you know this. Let us feel this together! Now is the time to rejoice! Call these things forth now! They are yours! Enjoy your last moments and rejoice! Call forth what is yours and rejoice! This energy moves mountains! This energy moves things quickly forward! Choose now! Make your choice and then be your choice!

My channel has brought up the subject of families. Families are diverse and no less complicated at this time for many of you. And complications are not absent in the relationships of light workers and their families. All families are important and there for a reason. However, many of you are still unclear as to the deeper meanings behind the reasons. And, of course, most of you are unaware of how big your families really are. All family members will be accounted for. All family members already know at some level why they are here. This moment touches all of us in some way and at some level. No one will be forgotten. However, it is important to accept that everyone makes their own choices based on their own life path. It would be folly for a light worker to pity a family member for having made a different choice. No one knows the extent of the choices of another. There are no choices more important than another. As we said earlier, be your choice and those around you will have the best possible chance in making a suiting choice.

Let us close this message now with these thoughts. Are you where you choose to be with yourself? If you are then let's get started. You have the whole universe on your side. Much will be shown to you in the coming days. Anchor the light all around you. Shine for all of those that will be looking for their way. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Can you smell it? Change is in the air.

With love, Your Raphael.


  1. This seems a rather enigmatic message to me, John: Although it does speak of positive tidings and possibilities as well? Can we expect some more explanation on it?

  2. John good to see you online again! I followed your interviews with Thomas Hughes and recently spoke to him by telephone (Julian in PA). Not sure about channeling these days as the Andromedean Council and all related positives feel that allowing any external possession of your body is not a good idea in the current atmosphere. Give it some thought. In terms of the dimensional shift, we are already past the time line you and Thomas referred to earlier. I'm curious as to how your Bigfoot contacts feel about all this. Are they saying it's still on? Thank you.

  3. Thanks, you two. Paul, I feel so. What has been apparent to me is that all answers are already within. We will see. I do not have any more insight than anyone else. I simply allow Raphael to speak through me. It is a beautiful feeling. I am alway excited to read them myself. It is still on, Julian! Ha!

  4. I am so happy that I found this website…John, you are a gem. So freaking awesome to hear from Archangel Raphael! Keep up the incredible work….