Friday, February 7, 2014

My First Meeting with Raphael

It is I, Archangel Raphael. I come to you today with and urgent message. I have moved. You will be receiving my messages through this channel. He is growing as you are. He is finding where he is needed. All of us are needed right now. He has volunteered. He is unsure if I am speaking through him or not. We will feel this together.

All of you are ready to find out now what you can do to help your own phase of this journey. All of you feel that you are ready for some sort of change. Are you feeling me yet, channel? Please continue. The change is here. Recognize it and give it power. Call forth your change now and let it come . Feel me? I am. We will work on this. Is this validation enough? Do you feel my happiness for You ? Feel Me . I feel you. Take a moment and connect. Connect to what? Me. Let your fingers flow. Let us continue.

When will we let flow that which is? When will we ,together, make this planet whole? Ask your selves this question? Ask these questions now. Are you with me channel? Yes. I am feeling happiness and love.

This channel is having more difficulty than he realizes but we are with him. Channel? Believe in your self. Know what we know. This is enough for now.

Do not despair just find your key. What Key? Look within do not get bogged in such unimportant details. You are making this happen, not me. You have invited me, have you not? Yes of course. Why? I want to help. Help who? All of us Humans, Sasquatches, everyone, and... myself. Okay. Then let us continue. Are you ready? Yes I am ready. Is this my validation? You tell me. Is it? I will let you know, Raphael after we stop writing . Is that okay? Sure.

On the south side of mars there is an out post with many different size ships. Each ship has about ten people that have been concentrating on getting back to ...Where are you going with this? Does it matter? No it does not. Who is speaking now? Does that matter either? No. Shall we continue about the ships? Yes. They are complete duplicates of your own out posts on earth that have the same technology that will help many of you to find what you are looking for. The outposts are made with our help. The outposts are spread out over the entire planet. For many of you these ships will help you leave early.

This is John now. I had read a channeled message from AA Michael through Marc Gamma. In the middle of the message I read these words and I knew, at that moment, that it was meant for me.

“Archangel Raphael will no longer be speaking through this channel as we have already told you. Raphael will seek a new channel which is already in preparation for his task and will be ready very soon.”

I contacted Ron Head and he said that he felt the words and that he has my back now. Thank you, Ron.

I then sent Marc Gamma a message and this is what Marc told me:

“Dear John, This is wonderful and it is Raphael and it is a pleasure to hand you over Raphael and to be his channel. He was the first to come and with him many more. My life is not the same like it was before. My life is changed and my life feels just much better. It is difficult to explain everything because you have to understand, that everybody will make a different experience going through this.

The most important thing I have learned being a channel is TRUST IN YOURSELF. Everything starts with the trust in yourself and from there you can reach the stars my dear light worker. There is always a reason we connect and now you know why. Everything is planned and you will see how amazing does things come together. Still I am amazed by the things that happen around me and it also will be for you the same. Wishing you a wonderful journey and it will be great fun. I will be here for assistance if you face obstacles but you have to understand that every obstacle is created by yourself. Think about this very sentence, when you have the first obstacle.

With this reminder from me, you will be aware about this. Let’s do it John, it’s fun and takes not much time to do. Much love and light to you brother, Marc.

Dear John Allen, John, this is Archangel Raphael speaking. You made the right step to contact Marc. He was my channel and in his latest message received from Michael it was announced that I will come through another channel. Well John, this is you, which is taking over the part of Marc. It’s up to you to decide if you want to be my channel. It was your wish before you incarnated on earth and now your wish can come true, if it is still the wish you hold for yourself. Have more confidence in yourself. Believe that you are able to do this job. It does take little steps and then it will get easier. Marc himself is a very good example and he went through this too. He will be here for you if you need some assistance. He will help you if you need more confirmation. It has to do with trust. First of all you have to trust yourself, then you have to trust the process and then it will just flow in. In due course you will become a good and experienced channel and this will be fun. You will enjoy it, like Marc did, but you will also go through some phases of alterations and changes also Marc had to go through. So take it easy and just let it flow in. It will be a great adventure for us all. Your Archangel Raphael”

I do this now whole heartedly. I posted this first message in my favorite facebook group, Galactic Federation of Light workers as I have found many true friendship there, and the feedback was wonderful. This ended the last few traces of insecurity for me. That evening as I posted it. The thread began to grow with excitement and support. After a while we all began to feel physical changes within us. The group of us began to bond spirituality to where our heads were aching, ringing, and the love-excitement was all around us. I needed no more validation.

Like always with every channeled message, either it resonates with you or it does not. And that is how it should be. All answers are found within in the end. Channeled messages just open doors and give us ideas on what questions to feel for ourselves when we are alone. At this time I encourage everyone to look within as the shift has already happened. Everyone has the tools to open the door. We only need to find our own individual key.

Special thanks to:
Ron Head, Marc Gamma, Thomas Hughes, Mita-wina-see, Tracey Owen, Tajee, Toe-grah-nu, and the rest of my Sasquatch family, and AA Raphael.

He is my first blog that shows the road that led me here:

I love you all, John Allen


  1. This is exciting. Congratulations. I recall reading what AA Raphael told Marc Gamma. I thought it odd, but what do I know. Then here you are, taking the assignment. And you are in great company with the support of Ron Head. I will be looking forward to hearing more from your and AA Raphael. Much light to you. Sharda

  2. This is a wonderful opportunity for you, John. Last night was an experience I will not soon forget. All the best to you and your Friends in the Forest, and to AA Raphael as well. Love and Light <3 Carol

    1. I love you too, Carol! I will see you back in G F of LWRKRS!

  3. Thank you both very much! Really. Love back at'cha.

  4. John could you clarify one point please? Tolec, Tanaath and many others have talked about the Galactic Federation of Light. I don't mean in any way to be a naysayer but it seems that many within the Andromeda Council are saying this group is serving a reptilian agenda particularly with it's emphasis on "ascension chambers" and external intervention to facilitate the dimensional shift. The discussion about space ships taking off from Mars that will help us "leave" sounds a lot like this. I notice that you validate much of Tolec's information regarding the planet Dakote etc. Could you help us understand the apparent contradiction with regards to this GFOL issue? Thank you.

    1. Julian, The "Ships" story in my first message with Raphael was a validation for me as I was insecure at his time whether or not I was a suitable channel fro Raphael or not. I am a country boy who enjoys a beer sometimes outside and have been known to say the F word from time to time. My Sasquatch family and Datote friends never cared. When Raphael contacted me I felt unworthy or something. I always associated "reverence" to the whole channeled message thing. The Channelers always seemed to whisper and stuff. It is not to whom God speaks but who listens.
      As I told my friend Thomas Hughes about the ships he immediately told me that this was meant for him. The ten people and ten ships represented ten people that would be contacting him over a period of ten days. Other people wrote me private messages and told me that the ships meant something different to them. It was beautiful! It was my validation that Raphael had sent me (well, many more validations came and still come). And now your curiosity has led to these two posts between you and I. The ships story was something that has turned out to be different for everyone. I learned alot about what I was about to embark upon with Raphael.

  5. Hi John,

    I've been pondering the whole channeling thing some more. There is a lot of discussion about this and Archangels in general that is ... well... different. Here's a sample from the Silver Legion Blog Site

    Arch-angel is short for Archon-angel as Tanaath mentioned in a radio show. Check out Cameron Day's wesbite for more information on that. I used to channel Archangels myself (before I got in touch with Tanaath who fully woke me up to the fact that channeling isn't a good thing at all) and the Archangels always told me to open myself up and let myself be guided. Now I clearly see that that's a disempowering message! .... Consider that Archangels make a hierarchy (Cameron Day calls it lie-rarchy ;o)), they show themselves as "better" or "greater" than other angels. Who would do that? Use your discernment and let nobody above your own heart"

    I'm assuming the wonderful Sasquatch people in your clan have checked all this out and advised that the channeling experience you are having is a good one. Can they offer any clarification on this issue of the Archons and attempts to manipulate people under the guise of spiritual channeling?

    Thank you John, I take a lot of encouragement from your experiences and am truly just trying to figure this out.

    1. I can answer you this way... I have also heard of this difference between the Galactic Federation and the Galactic Federation of Light. I have thought about this and thought about that. It is a very nervous business indeed to depict who is telling what so I removed myself from it for a while. As my friendship grew with my Sasquatch family they taught me many things. The most important of these was to get out of my head and into my heart. Quite simply this means to feel not to think. As our communication grew I became empowered and took control of my life. As free will choice is Universal Law, I made a clear choice as to who I choose to have relationships with. I claimed the protection of Michael and Saint Germain. This felt right and my Sasquatch family gave me a good feeling about it. They do not tell me what to do. They respect my choices and then they make theirs. As I began to speak with Mitawinasee from Dakote, the communication became clearer and clearer. Marc Gamma's channeled messages from Michael simply resonated with me beautifully. They hit the spot. Over time I had a clear picture of whom I was speaking with. And I had many friends (Sasquatch and Star Family) who supported me in my awakening. I began to remember the distant past so all of it became me. Every day I make clear to the Universe that I choose no darkness and will not allow any darkness to choose me. The Universe hears and complies with my choices. I have had conversations with Creator and when Creator speaks there is no doubt as to whom you are speaking with. This is when I could really see that I am that tiny part of Creator that is me. Just like you are also a part of all that is. I began to see that the darkness is also a beautiful part of Creator. So I would make it clear that I thanked the Darkness for being there in order for me to be able to choose the light. I told the Dark thank you, now leave me and never return. You are no longer welcome anywhere near me. The Universe, my Sasquatch Family, my friends from Dakote, and my higher self all heard this and recognized this as my free will choice. Over time this has been the experience that I have called forth and experienced. When I read Marc Gamma's message from Michael, I knew that I was being invited. I went in to another room and had my first talk with Raphael. I felt him. I knew that we were meant to write messages together. After I felt him I became honored and I felt my Hairy Friends from the woods smile. I thanked my Sasquatch Family for helping me find my way home. Now today, I have often had conversations with Mitawinasee (Datote), Raphael, Toegrahnu (my Sasquatch Brother), Tahjee (my Sasquatch Sister/Mother figure) all together at once.
      Love is what everything is made of. Love comes with many different names and sizes. There is no word for believe or maybe in Bigfoot language. Either you know or you do not. If you do not then that is the experience that you will have until you don't any more. And there is nothing wrong with that. The journey between not knowing and knowing is very delicious indeed! All of us have the power to choose how we wish to experience this journey. I hope that this helps. Love to you, Julian.
      P.S. I am sure that Dracos, Archons, and Darkness has absolutely no power over me. If they were to return to the light and would want to speak with me I would know this and welcome my brothers and sisters home.