Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mind, Ego, Doom, and Channeled Messages

Hello. This is Archangel Raphael! I come to you at a wonderful time in our adventures. As you are unfastening your seat belts and getting ready to get out of the roller coaster you are feeling glad that the ride is over. You will remember the fun that you have had as you walk away from the roller coaster soon. Remember that everything is not always as it seems. This is especially evident in your close knit communities.

Channeled messages have played an important roll in the lives of our light workers. They have inspired. They have informed and made you laugh. They have given you goose bumps and they have brought you pain. As change takes it's place within the channel community so does change move the community around the channel. Channels carry much responsibility in our online communities. Sometimes that responsibility becomes too much to carry any longer. Do not let the drama weigh down the simplicity.

Everyone reading this right now feels something about these words as they pass through your eyes and into your heart. ALL of you have the gift! ALL of you have that very first impression within your feelings that allows you to express and explore. This is beauty in it's most honest form. The clarity of your gut feeling gets distorted as your mind invites itself to the party. Before the mind arrives there is a tiny precious moment that the truth is made known to you. This is the moment that we share with you the love of one.

People who trust this impression upon their very first feelings about something have an experience of communication. The Mind arrives at the party but does not barge in. The Mind waits respectively outside of the door and listens as an observer. While the mind waits Ego arrives and is quickly stopped by the mind from going in to the party. They both wait and listen as observers. Then Doom arrives at this beautiful party and brings impatience. Doom shares with Mind and Ego that it is time for the heart to be quiet and invite them in. As Doom waits in front of the door, he explains to Mind and Ego that he is the only responsible one there. “It is I, Doom, that works to make the money to pay for all of this!” “If the Heart had any sense she would not do all of this without making money while doing it!”

Realize, my dear brothers and sisters, that all of you can channel messages if you would like to. It is about that very first feeling and allowing it to grow. It begins to become second nature. Trust what you feel. Does it really make sense to “THINK” about what you “FEEL?” Of course not. All of you have made your contributions to this adventure. Why would any of you choose to put only some of you on a pedestal of praise? People who channel messages are no closer to what you are looking for than you are. Some share because they have been called to share. Some beautiful channels have not been called to share. Some channels after a while open the door and let Ego join the party. It is a beautiful party for Ego!

Ego loves when people press the “like” button on facebook. Ego loves when a person says “Thank you, Channel for this wonderful message. You are so lucky to be a channel. Will you ask a question for me?”The Mind explains to Heart that it is okay to listen to Ego. Then doom arrives and says, “Could I have everyone’s attention. This is wonderful and all but why don't we make some money at this party? It wont change anything.”

Trust yourselves. If a channeled message does not feel right then it probably is not. But this does not mean that the channeler is all bad. Sometimes channelers invite too many people to the party and loose their way. Forgive them, trust your feelings, and move forward. Everyone gets caught up now and then. What changes for you when you hear in a channeled message about Archangels and ex-President? Does it matter? Leave the Details, the Drama, the Dates, the Statistics, the Proof, the Pedestals, all outside on the front porch with Ego, Mind, and Doom. Love is the only thing that Heart desires and the only thing that will bring us our most fulfilling happiness. Trust it!

I would like to ask this channel a few questions if he wouldn't mind sharing. Channel would you share with everyone who is reading this how you channel me?

Sure, Raphael. After a day or two I find the time. I usually go somewhere private and say your name out loud until I feel you. And this usually feels like warmth or happiness or something. I then ask you to inspire me. I also ask you to use my fingers. I tell my ego to sit on my shoulders and watch and not to say anything. I am sitting up and typing when I channel messages not laying down with a tape recorder or someone recording me. Most of the time I just type without really knowing what my fingers are doing. Other times I am very aware of what we are doing.

Do you feel like you have a special connection to God when you channel?

Not really. I just feel good.

How does it feel when you read that someone has thanked you for your channeled messages?

I love it. Many people write me and ask me to ask questions for them. They ask for my opinion. But it is easy to get caught up in this glory. Sometimes people cling to your every word.

John, Why do you feel that it is good that we are sharing this?

A little over a year ago I began to know and trust what I was feeling. I began to put this first. Doors have began to open. Here I am KNOWING that I am writing a channeled message with an Archangel.

How do you know?

Because I trust what I feel. That's it. I know that it is important that EVERYONE understands that everyone is worthy, that everyone has the gifts, that channelers are just people too, and sometimes people fall and when they do we should help them up and forgive them. I feel that it is important that everyone realizes that the details and drama in channeled messages are like opening the door to Mind and Ego.

Ha! I like the analogy.

I heard it somewhere in a channeled message.

Ha! And again! So just because you heard it somewhere in a channeled message makes it true? Is that It?

It depends on the date!

Ha! You are on a roll aren't you, Channel?

It is better than a pedestal.

Ha! Alright let's close this letter for now. Thank you, Channel.
Thank you too, Archangel Raphael!

You are most welcome. As we watch and wait for the middle of this month, I encourage you to remain balanced and grounded. Forgive your Presidents, Cabal, Archangels, and Channelers. Trust your hearts. She will lead you to love. And love is our destination. Carry the same smile on the 14th of April and the 16th of April. No one will be left behind. All are worthy. All of us are. Your Archangel Raphael.


  1. As no one can make you feel less than without your permission, nor can you be put on a pedestal u less YOU CHOOSE to take that seat.

    1. Hey, Dear Friend!!! True so true you are!

  2. John thanks for sharing your information for free. A quick question regarding the last statement "Carry the same smile on the 14th of April and the 16th of April": do you believe there is a reason these dates were specifically mentioned, other than that they are before and after the Grand Cardinal Cross "Blood Moon" alignment everyone seems to be anticipating on April 15th? Thanks again.

    1. What I feel, Juan is that much will have changed from the 14th to the 16th. I have chosen to be the person that I have chosen to be on the 16th already on the 14th. Does this help?